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Grierson Dickens Limited is a fee based Chartered Financial Planning firm with a refreshingly different approach. The hourly fee model which we have operated since 2001 means that we do not need our clients to invest through us in order for us to get paid. Therefore, we can give genuinely impartial advice.

Established in 1999 we work closely with a small number of clients for whom we perform two key roles; we act as strategic partner, offering expert advice and guidance and we get things done.

On 1st March 2023, Grierson Dickens became an Employee Ownership Trust, meaning that our employees are genuine partners in the business, and become the custodians of our proposition. This ensures we can continue to do what is best for our clients and employees, whilst protecting the future of the business.

Our clients can confidently say...


Our clients can confidently say...



I, or someone I trust knows what I've got, where it all is and what it all means. I understand the interaction between what I expect to receive, what I need to pay out, and what I want to do over the rest of my life, so I've got context to make good decisions and not to miss out on opportunities.



Things that need doing in connection with my money are done on time, efficiently and correctly.



I know that my assets are structured efficiently, and they are aligned with what I want to achieve for myself, my family and society, and with my beliefs and values.



I know how much and who I pay for managing my finances. I am happy that it is fair, that the person advising me has my best interests at heart and that they are not conflicted because of the way they earn fees from managing my finances.


Strategic Partner

When faced with major decisions and opportunities I have someone that I can turn to for advice who understands me and my circumstances, is responsive, efficient, experienced, highly qualified and will always act in my best interests.



I am proactively encouraged to review my personal financial circumstances on a regular basis.



I know that someone has thought through and has a plan for what would happen in the event of a catastrophe.

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